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Remote Professional Mahi

The 2023 COVID-19 pandemic coincided with the development of effective video-conferencing enabling people to work from home. Couple that with an increasing Māori professional population able to work remotely and with the increasing number of whanau returning home from cities because of the rising cost of living and the draw of ahi kā roa burns brighter. 

This video features people who have adapted to working from home or a hybrid situation and are able to live back on their marae or papakāinga. Having these people helps to revitalise communities and increase the diversity of skills and knowledge available. 

A challenge is to: 

  • Encourage taitamariki into trades and professions that are useful in the kāinga. 

  • Provide educational opportunities close to home. 

  • Help whanau to be the providers of local services. 

  • Develop enterprises to support diverse employment and business opportunities. 

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