Taiao Te Taitokerau comprises of whānau, hapū, Iwi, groups and organisations involved in both paid and voluntary mahi, demonstrating kaitiakitanga in action where we are working towards the care and regeneration of Papatūānuku and our communities.

Ngā Ununahi o Te Ika -  the tangata whenua priorities asks each of us to be deliberate and collaborative in our collective actions toward a Predator-Free Taitokerau.  We are seeing the impact of our collective efforts to protect our Taonga species through applying our tūpuna wisdom and the power of our own people's hands who are removing pests, replanting Natives and doing whatever it takes to bring birdsong and life back to our ngāhere - our pātaka kai.

The intention of this page is to keep you updated on the latest Kaimahi for Nature pānui, to showcase the wonderful work happening on the ground and share ideas for connecting to the Taiao Te Taitokerau movement.


CLICK HERE to view the latest pānui focusing in on Te Rarawa where you will find the following information:

  • Te Rarawa Kaimahi for Nature Story
  • Haukainga Voice Warawara Ngāhere and Kaimahi for Nature - Te Rarawa
  • The latest news updates
  • Opportunities at Te Rarawa
  • Tiakina Kauri: Kauri Protection Agency

Warawara Ngāhere: Haukāinga Voice - Mina Pomare Peita is a local kaitiaki of the Warawara Ngāhere and shares her reflections on her memories of when the Warawara was flourishing and her vision to restore their pātaka ngāhere through their collective mahi.

Sam Tahana shares his reflections as a local hunter and local kaitaki for Te Rarawa/Te Tao Māui. He was literally raised in the Warawara. As a proud hunter and local kaitiaki, Sam shares his love for the warawara and his hopes for the future of their ngāhere.

Warawara Ngāhere: Kaimahi for Nature - Stanley Dunn is one of the kaimahi who works on Pest Control inside the Ngāhere and he talks about the impact of their work on himself personally and how much he loves his mahi in the forest.

John Dunn is one of the Team Leaders helping to guide their crew in Pest Control and also shares how important this mahi is to him and to their local community.


CLICK HERE to view the pānui focusing in on Te Roroa where you will find the following information:

  • Te Roroa Kaimahi for Nature Story
  • Toa Whenua Reflections - Te Roroa
  • Te Roroa Environmental Awards Attained
  • Photos of the Te Toa Whenua Team - click here to view gallery

Te Toa Whenua - Snow Tane is the General Manager for Te Roroa and he shares his reflections on Te Toa Whenua and the broader regeneration mahi his kaimahi are doing across their whenua.

A Bio-diversity Restoration Project - Courtney Davis shares her reflections as a Project Co-ordinator for Te Toa Whenua a bio-diversity restoration project led by Te Roroa.

Activating Kaitiakitanga - LJ Clark shares his reflections on activating Kaitiakitanga in their tribal territories, the pride they feel in the work they do and the opportunity Kaimahi for Nature has offered their community.

The Impact of Kauri Dieback - Freda Walker shares her reflections helping to grow the trees that are used in their restoration projects on the whenua.  She talks about the impact of Kauri Dieback and the importance of healing the mamae of the ngahere for future generations.