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Taitokerau Iwi Leaders And Northland Mayors Meet To Reset And Strengthen Relationship

Due to the uneven response and increased anxiety regards the Northern Councils (Far North, Whangarei, Northern Regional) approach to Māori Wards, Significant Natural Areas and the latest rounds of consultation on the Three Waters reform, Te Kahu ō Taonui requested Mayors to meet kānohi ki te kānohi on July 6th in Kaikohe which revealed the urgent need for improved communication and co-ordination among Councils especially relating to contentious issues relating to whenua, wai and community.

Attendees noted that significant changes being led out by Central Government will materially change the local government landscape in Te Tai Tokerau and it is vital there is both mana whenua and local/regional voice as these developments unfold.

Te Kahu o Taonui and the Northland Mayoral Forum signed a kawenata – an agreement “Whanaungatanga ki Taurangi” on the 31st of January 2019. Te Kahu o Taonui Chair – Harry Burkhardt says: “It is now time for both parties to re-establish this relationship commitment that will allow Te Kahu o Taonui to inform our Iwi/hapū and whānau of all significant and proposed changes coming throughout Te Taitokerau while Te Kahu o Taonui can provide meaningful feedback, direction and insights to our Mayors. We owe this to our people”.

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