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Te Kahu O Taonui Welcome The Appointment Of Eru Lyndon

Te Kahu O Taonui Welcome The Appointment Of Eru Lyndon As Regional Public Services Commissioner

Te Kahu o Taonui have been working collectively with agencies to advance regional priorities in Whai Kāinga (Housing); Community Led Capability; He Puke Tāngata (workforce); and Wai (water) security for over 12 months

The main thrust of these relationships has been to improve access to public services for Northlanders, to enhance agency, to strengthen Iwi Māori relationships, and to power up our region so that decisions about the future of Te Taitokerau are made by our Te Taitokerau Iwi and communities.

Te Kahu o Taonui are thrilled to see Eru being designated formally as the Regional Public Services Commissioner to continue to bring agencies together to work collaboratively with Iwi Māori and community leaders.

Te Kahu o Taonui note his new role is "strengthened by the ability to resolve barriers to achieving outcomes for communities, and to escalate issues where a regional solution is not readily apparent".

Chairman of Te Kahu o Taonui Harry Burkhardt says "Eru has proven himself to be invaluable in ensuring Iwi have a place at the table of strategic decision making, he has respected our role as Te Tiriti partners which includes our dual responsibility for care. We look forward to continuing to strengthen this partnership and run hard at the strategic issues that will have the greatest impact on whānau, hapū and iwi".

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