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Ngātiwai is unified by its descent from one of the oldest lineages in Taitokerau, Ngāti Manaia. Unlike surrounding iwi, direct descent from Manaia has given Ngātiwai status on Northland's east coast since the beginning of human occupation. The occupation of Manaia established iwi status in the northern part of the Ngātiwai rohe. Principally through the son of Manaia, Tahuhunuiōrangi, manawhenua and manamoana of Ngātiwai on the coast from Whangarei to Whangaparāoa was established. At times this extended to Tamaki. ⠀

After the time of Te Rangihokaia, himself a descendent of Manaia, a number of key marriages cemented the relationship between Ngātiwai and the Kawerau hapū of Ngāti Rehua and Ngāti Manuhiri. This ongoing relationship with Tainui is another unique feature of Ngātiwai amoung iwi in Taitokerau. ⠀

Today Ngātiwai claims manawhenua and manamoana from Rakaumangamanga to Mahurangi, across to Aotea, and returning to Rakaumangamanga by way of the many islands and waters of Te Moana Nui A Toi.

Iwi Chair

Aperahama Edwards

Aperahama Edwards (Trustee for Matapouri Marae) has been a Trustee of the Board for the last four years and is the current Chairman of the Ngātiwai Treaty Claims Committee. Aperahama is well known to the Iwi and has represented Ngātiwai on several boards, organisations and forums both at a local and national level over many years.

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